Leadership Is Not About Title. It Is About One Life Influencing Other Life.
जरुरतेंं  तो जानवर भी पूरी कर लेते है, इंसान का काम है सपनों के लिए जीना
पसंद आऐ ऐसी बाते नहीं, बदलाव लाए ऐसी बाते करता हूँ
Sales, अनुभवों की नहीं बल्कि परिणामों कि दुनिया है।

Way To Anandful Life!

Live a healthier, wealthier, more gratifying, passionate and determined life – whether that means accomplishing in business, enkindle your relationship or exploring who you really are. Common2Uncommon’s  training program by Anand Thakar includes his “Heart2Heart Communication”, which shakes and wakes you up to think about yourself (Who Am I?), your present (Where Am I?) and your future (Where I Want To be?)

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-Anand Thakar

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