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We Don’t Focus On Improving Knowledge Only, But Penetrate To Develop Skills.

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Every session of Common2Uncommon by Anand Thakar have helped number of people experience success with his proven methodologies and techniques. He motivates to focus on the present and future through his tangible knowledge which can be immediately applied to grow and live a happy life. Join Our Best Training Programs today.

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A Vision Widening Seminar Exclusively For sales Professionals.

A High Motivational Seminar On The Glory Of Selling

A Full Day Basic Training Program Exclusively For The Success Minded Sales Advisors.

A High Voltage Seminar Slow & Steady Wins The Race Is Old Saying. Now A Days, Only “Fast & Consistent Wins The Race”.

Find Out The Mistakes Of Past, Make Changes In Present, & Build The Future....

A High Voltage Seminar On Importance Of Goal & Goal Setting

A Techno-Motivational Seminar On The Easiest Way To Propose Insurance

A Training Program On Prospecting. Million Dollar Habit.

A Training Module To Become Successful Sales Advisor

A Training Module For Sales Professionals.

The Best Training Program On Tele Calling Skill Development.

A Techno-Motivational Seminar On “OBJECTION HANDLING”

Invite Your Existing & Prospective Customers, And Make Them Understand, “Why Insurance” & “How Much Insurance”.

A Full Day Session On Team Building Exclusively For Team Leaders.

A Training Module exclusively for Team Leaders

a full day session for the ambitious & futuristic leaders of insurance and investment industry

A Seminar On The Logical Understanding Behind The Emotional Product “Insurance”

Team Building Seminar

Team building seminar

"इतिहास गवाह है, कि इंसान को उसकी Degree ने नहीं, बल्कि सोच ने बडा बनाया है॥"